Building workplace relationships

Build a foundation of trust and communication

Productivity, engagement and performance all sit on a foundation of trust and communication — the ingredients for building positive workplace relationships.

This package features everything you need to build positive workplace relationships, from setting expectations and role-modelling behaviours, to communication techniques, delegation, navigating politics and minimising conflict.

This package is perfect for team members and leaders alike, with modules for every audience.

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Communication skills drive business outcomes


Organisations with effective communication programs are 3.5 times more likely to achieve their goals.


Employee productivity increases up to 25% when they feel connected.


Businesses with effective communication are 50% more likely to have lower turnover.

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Check out the learning outcomes

communication  skills

Communication skills

  • Building good communication skills
  • Methods and tools to communicate effectively
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Building positive relationships

  • What positive workplace relationships are
  • How to build positive workplace relationships
navigating workpalce politics

Navigating workplace politics

  • Benefits of workplace politics
  • Formal and informal influencers
  • The politics of your workplace
conflict in the workpalce

Minimising conflict in the workplace

  • Setting expectations
  • Dealing with disagreements
  • Asking for assistance when dealing with conflict
Effective delegation - title page-1

Effective delegation

  • Strategies for effective delegation
  • Productivity and its relationship to the wellbeing of your team
manager communication

Communication at work (for managers)

  • Effective communication with the right tools
  • Communicate up and down the business
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Organisation capability

Grow your organisation’s communication capability.

Use this tool to support an organisation-wide focus on more effective communication by having everyone complete the micro-modules. Support teams to grow together through team workshops using our discussion card implementation tool.

6 x 15 minute micro-modules + discussion cards


Team meeting toolkit

Give your leaders the tools to strengthen their team’s communication skills via a series of online modules and team discussion cards.

Leaders can make the most of their team’s face-to-face time by encouraging individual online learning before getting together as a team and workshopping ideas and actions.

6 x 15 minute micro-modules + discussion cards


Build your kete

Add to your organisation's
learning kete.

Integrate these micro-modules with your existing face-to-face or blending learning options and make them available to everyone across your organisation.

6 x 15 minute micro-modules