Accelerate your diversity and inclusion journey with this online unconscious bias series that has been designed for all levels of your business to understand, recognise and address bias.

Here at Skillpod we believe that if you grow an individual, you also grow their whanau, community, and workplace. Which is why we have taken a people-centered approach to ensure that the content is relevant and relatable for diverse audiences, acknowledging the unique perspectives and experiences individuals bring.

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Module 1. Introduction to unconscious bias. Bearded smiling man in a pic shirt.

Module 1: Join us to examine the concepts of diversity, inclusion, and belonging and their relationship to unconscious bias. Understanding these concepts is pivotal to creating a more welcoming and equitable world where everyone can thrive.

Module 2. The brain and unconscious bias. A person hold a cardboard cutout of the brain

Module 2: In module two of our Unconscious Bias experience, you'll journey into the intricacies of the human brain, exploring how it perceives differences and why it reacts as it does. We'll start with the big picture—the human brain's core parts and functions. 

Module 3. Stereotypes and unconscious bias. Person with colour plaited hair

Module 3: Here we explore the concept of stereotypes, their connection to unconscious bias, and their impact on our personal and professional lives. We'll uncover these connections through explanations, real-life examples, scenarios, and reflective activities.

Module 4. Minimising unconscious bias. An young indian woman with headphones on her head.

Module 4: Being aware of and addressing your biases is an ongoing journey. Investing in growing your understanding of unconscious bias is the first step toward developing the skills to make better decisions and take more inclusive actions.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 11.27.09 AM

Module 5: Dive into the PAUSE and ACT frameworks as tools to minimise unconscious bias in your personal and professional life.
After completing this module you will be ready to practice these frameworks and develop your ability to be brave in identifying and minimising your own biases, and those of others.


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